Professional Pool Player

Eleanor Callado



2016 Earned NAPT Professional Ranking
2013 BCAPL Women's Masters Singles Champion
2012 WPBA Regional Tour Champion
2009 Earned WPBA Professional Ranking
2007 ACUI National Champion (Record Holder for most titles won- 4 total)
2006 ACUI National Champion
2005 ACUI National Champion
2004 ACUI National Championships- 3rd Place
2003 ACUI National Champion
2003 BCA Junior National Champion
2002 BCA Junior National Champion

Pool is a game that came into my life at a very young age. My father introduced it to me at the tender, young age of 8. Only about one month after the love affair began was he forced to pull me away, all stemming from a visit to a local pool hall one night that resulted in a 3:00 am arrival home. My mother said sternly to my father "You are not taking the kids to another pool hall until they get older!"

I suppose "old enough" was at the the age of 13, when my father decided it was time to compete with other kids also learning the game. There was a pool hall called The Great Entertainer in San Francisco that we frequented. The owners were gracious enough to run a kids tournament every Saturday afternoon with free entry. I won here and there, but after a couple years, my dad thought I was ready to compete at a higher level.

At 16-years-old, I won my first national title and was crowned the 2002 Junior National Champion. I was fortunate enough to take it a second year in 2003. This led to the desire to continue to play through college, were I was able to win 4 of the 5 national competitions during my college term. The Associated College Unions International states that I am currently the record holder for the most titles won during any college term.

Point and case: Billiards has been very influential in my life. I was a very quiet and shy girl growing up, and in a pool hall, you meet ALL KINDS of characters. I developed confidence in myself through those interactions with other pool enthusiasts and my accomplishments with hopes that with my involvement now as an advocate of education coexisting with a pool career is very possible and ideal.

I'm very thankful for those who have supported me and those that continue to support me. I would not be here without them.

For the love of the game.

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